Poetry of Robert Fisher
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My wife came to me in a dream.
Now, she said, I see all circles completed,
Mine, yours, our children’s, our children’s children’s,
Though you see them with gaps.

This evening I will be at Shabbat,
Greeting the angels, who are our grandchildren,
Including the angel Gabriel, no less.

Like the merchants’ ships I will bring you goods,
In the form of news from my world.
I am one strand of the challah,
You and our children the other four.
Bless the wine and sprinkle me with salt.
Consume me that I may become your flesh and blood.
Wherever you are assembled I am in your presence.

Worry not about the snow,
I will clothe you in scarlet,
And somewhere I tend a vineyard,
That you may have wine,
Red and sweet, as you sing
At the chair that only appears empty.

February 24th, 2017