Poetry of Robert Fisher
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In Memoriam
Dario 2017

I have contacts in Heaven.
I hear things from some angels I know.
God Himself met you at the gate
And hugged you and said,
“It took a while, but here you are at last.”
He took you immediately to meet someone,
Frances, frying eggs and bacon
And flipping pancakes.
Angels and saints couldn’t wait to dig in,
And God seated a bearded gentleman
In old-fashioned clothes, next to you.
“This is Karl Marx,” He said.
And whatever Karl Marx said
You said the opposite,
And Karl Marx, red-faced, argued back,
Till he said, “I’ve been warned about you.”
God said, “Tonight Frances will make
Potato-leek soup with six sticks of butter,
But don’t worry, I’ve sent fat on a vacation.”
Then God lit your cigarette
And said, “Later come over, if you have a moment,
My sink’s leaking and
I need new cabinets in the kitchen.”

March 31st, 2017