Poetry of Robert Fisher
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I tell people I lost my brother,
And they ask, “Where?”
I say in the white petals of the serviceberry,
Just outside my window.
He is in there somewhere
Like an invisible planet circling a star,
My blossom-brother will fall to earth
With a late spring shower,
Just heavy enough to knock down
The rays of his petal-home,
Like marble fragments of Greek statues
Strewn on green fields,
Breaking all our hearts,
Even passer-by hearts,
To dissolve in the soil,
The feathery rain washing away his wit,
His smile, his love for us,
His life,
My big brother scattered in
Interstellar dust,
To make a new star,
A new planet, a new creature,
Of some shape in carbon,
Beyond imagining.


May 7th, 2017