Poetry of Robert Fisher
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For Gino on His 77th Birthday

You are a man of few words,
But you speak volumes
When you assemble
Some driftwood,
Pebbles and colored paper
To show an enchanted land
Of your youth.

Some day your granddaughters will
Have granddaughters of their own,
And they want to tell them about you,
Their great-great-grandfather Gino.

To find you they will look at
The mist in the Conca Bellunese
At dawn,
And listen to the acorns dropping on rooves,
And the voices of children
Yelling in dialect,
And watching the patches of light and dark
On old walls
Made by sunbeams
Passing through leafy trees.

And your granddaughters will say,
Let me introduce you to
Great-great-grandfather Gino.

May 6th, 2016